SSA Membership


SSA Dues -


$55 to join the Sandia Soaring Association




$75 to join both the Sandia Soaring Association here in Albuquerque and the Rio Grande Soaring Association in Alamogordo  This is a $5 discount off the RGSA dues.


--- If you are using PayPal, options of $56.70 and $77.32 are available if you wish cover the cost of the transaction.  Otherwise the club only gets $53.35 or $52.75.  You do save the cost of the stamp and envelope by using PayPal. ---


To join the SSA – Fill out this form - New Member Application


To pay your dues


PayPal (automatic) – 



PayPal (manual) - click on choose “Send Money” to fill in your total


Mail –

Sandia Soaring Association

PO Box 14571

Albuquerque, NM 87191

(505) 225-3403